Technology Audits & Consulting

As technology and business demands change we like to work closely with clients to arm them with the information required to make intelligent decisions about office technology. We assist in planning, testing, and implementing software applications whether they be new, upgrades or roll-outs. Additionally, we can oversee the evaluation and research of new technologies that suit your practice or business.

Technology can help your firm attain a competitive advantage. But you need a clear technology plan to put yourself in that competitive position. With the right tools in place, your firm can become more efficient, more responsive and more profitable. The right tools will also help to serve your clients in an effective manner (preferably exceeding their expectations) and yet make the lives of your attorneys and staff easier and less stressful at the same time.

What about your competition or peers? They are definitely getting more tech-savvy; and incidentally “other lawyers” aren’t the only competitors. There are independent paralegals, self-help legal software, form books, web sites all of which are easily found by searching the Internet. So hunkering down in your bunker and pretending that technology doesn’t matter isn’t a good business strategy. On the other hand mindlessly acquiring technology isn’t a good idea either. You need balance. You need a strategy that helps you manage the information that you deal with in your practice. LawTech Partners can help.

Law Office Technology Trainingchairs

Why Should Law Firms Offer Training?

Training is the #1 reason for successful software implementations and the lack of it is the #1 reason for failure. No Executive Director or Executive Committee member will deny that there are hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars spent on technology. Typical technology budgets range from 4% to 13% of gross revenue.

Every year decision makers budget for technology. In order to see a return on that investment, those technologies, the resources they offer, the time they can save, and the power they hold must be exhausted. Often months are spent evaluating, installing and configuring technologies which are later ignored or forgotten. The training ball gets dropped. Law firms and their leaders should no longer ignore/sidestep the role of technology and the training it deserves.

Why Should Your Firm Hire VooDoo & LawTech Partners for Training?

A training program is only as good as your trainers. When it comes to law office trainers there are a few requirements which cannot be denied. A legal technology trainer must understand the business of and processes in practicing law. We all know that attorneys and their staff will not have much respect for a trainer who cannot explain how a tool will increase their efficiency.. Trainers must be able to offer “real life” and relevant examples of the implementation of software functions. LawTech Partners has been working exclusively with legal professionals for 15 years.

Customized Training Sessions for Law Firms

Onsite training right in your office can easily be arranged and customized to meet the specific needs of your firm. We partner with you to design and deliver training sessions that  improve the essential skills.