Virtual IT Director

What we can do as your Virtual IT Director

With My Law Firm IT Director we can offer leadership and direction in the following areas:

  1. IT policy, roadmap and budgeting
  2. IT hardware and software purchasing
  3. IT network development
  4. IT outsourcing and hosted services
  5. IT human resources
  6. Online strategy, including safety and security
  7. Web development, including e-commerce
  8. IT guidance at significant times, such as if you’re moving offices, acquiring another business or taking on a major client.
  9. Expert input at specific events, such as management meetings.


We also monitor developments in the IT sector, from the newest products to the latest service offerings. That way we can advise you on the most up-to-date and cost-effective solutions for your business, both today and tomorrow.

And because we’re independent, and consultants rather than salespeople, you can be sure our advice is totally impartial.